Hahnemühle’s authentic art paper is regarded as top of the line. We offer four different print options, which are all stunning thanks to excellent image quality and brilliant colour gradation. In case of doubt we always recommend to choose Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag

100% cotton. Fine, soft surface. 308 g/m²
For all kinds of images and for high pictorial depth. White and matte.

Hahnemühle Torchon

Coarse surface texture. 285 g/m²
For extravagant photo production and to capture the 3-dimensionality of an artwork in a unique way. Bright white with a matte finish.

Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl

Silk gloss surface. 285 g/m²
For outstanding depth with precise contrasts in black-and-white photographs. Bright white with a special coating for a refined pearl finish.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta

Glossy surface and classic baryta texture. 325 g/m²
Impressive color depth and crystal-clear definition. Warm, bright white with a glossy finish.

* paper doesn’t affect the price, we prefer to offer the different papers at same price to keep our rates as clear as possible

Step 2. Choose size

Format sizes will vary depending on the chosen photo, we adapt each photo to its best looking proportion. Above example is a 2:3 format

Some of the larger formats will not be available on certain photos due to our high quality resolution standards

Some photos are captured on 35mm film, hence grain and natural imperfections will be apparent, especially in larger prints

Available sizes

20×25 cm              7,87×9,84″

28×35 cm             11,02×13,78″

40×50 cm             15,75×19,69″

55×68,7 cm             21,65×27,05″

80×100 cm             31,5×39,37″

100×125 cm             39,37×49,21

21×28 cm             8,28×11,02″

30×40 cm             11,81×15,79″

45×60 cm             17,72×23,62″

60×80 cm             23,62×31,5″

75×100 cm             29,53×39,37″

90×120 cm             35,43×47,24″

20×30 cm             7,87×11,81″

30×45 cm             11,81×17,72″

40×60 cm             15,75×23,62″

50×75 cm             19,69×29,53″

70×105 cm             27,56×41,34″

100×150 cm             39,37×59,06″

20×20 cm             7,87×7,87″

30×30 cm             11,81×11,81″

40×40 cm             15,78×15,78″

60×60 cm             23,62×23,62″

80×80 cm             31,5×31,5″

100×100 cm             39,37×39,37″

Step 3. Choose border width

no border*
1 mm
3 mm
5 mm
8 mm
12 mm

Border width won’t affect the size of the print, the bigger the border you choose the smaller the inner frame will be. If you like thick borders we recommend to go for a bigger print size. Border doesn’t modify the price, only the size does.

no border is not available at Hahnemühle Photo Rag, minimum border will be 1 cm